Towards a Sustainable and Green Web

Is your Website Sustainable and Green?

Surfgreen believes that your website can become sustainable and green.
Our testing algorithm analyses several web frontend metrics and calculates a sustainability scoring for your website. Try it. It’s free.

Solutions for Sustainable and Green Websites

Reduce your Digital Carbon Dioxide Footprint with Surfgreen

Surfgreen's Sustainable Web Development Services

With years of experience in fullstack web development, frontend development, backend development, UX, Design and Product Management, we know what it means to develop web applications at its best.

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Monitoring your Digital Sustainability and Planting Trees to Neutralize your CO2 Footprint

Surfgreen's solution to reduce your digital carbon dioxide footprint is a simple multi step process. Sign up, verify your website and implement our Javascript snippet. Surfgreen than calculates how to reduce or neutralize your digital CO2 emissions. Furthermore we offer simple campaigns to plant trees so that your digital sustainability gets improved. With Surfgreen's sustainability badge for websites you can show your customers that your efforts towards digital sustainability matters.

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